Product Introduction

Product Introduction Skin Care

AtopiAid Hair & Body Wash 250ml

Item No.: 81334

  • Formulated with argan oil which is also named "Liquid Gold in Desert" to nourish baby's sensitive and gragile skin.

  • Passed SGS sensitive skin test.

  • Free from Paraben, alcohol, steroid and petrochemical composition.

  • Formula focused on atopic dermatitis, dry skin and sensitive skin.

Japanese grapefruit Ceramide: 
Extracted from Japanese grapefruit natural ceramide (Glucosylceramide), added lipids between skin cells and improve skin vasospasm function, suitable for sensitive and dry skin. 

Argan oil:
It is two times more than that of olive oil containing oleic acid, linoleic acid and vitamin E (α-Tocopherol tocopherol), and contains valuable plant sterols (Sterols). Quickly moisturize skin, prevent moisture loss, helping skin cells regeneration and antioxidant

Herbal cure composite anti-inflammatory agent:
Seven kinds of natural herbalcure inflammatory agents, especially for atopic dermatitis has anti-inflammatory and repair calm soothing effect. Efficacy has a clean, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, healing, plus rich in nutrients, and thus ease the inflammation, accelerated trauma, burns and other wound healing.

Direction to use: 
Take the right amount, gently wash hair and body and then rinse with warm water.