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Let us help you care

We want to offer "peace of mind" and "comfort" to every baby, mother, father and child, grandparent and caretaker. It is with this mindset that we provide our products. In sync with changes in lifestyle and the environment, we introduce new materials and new functionalities, and continuously search for even better solutions that make families and society happier.

Juvenile Product & Toy Business


As a leader in the field of baby and child wear and care, since 1961, we have continuously provided goods and services in step with trends in society, thus winning the trust of parents and patrons. The success of the Combi brand is due to these unrelenting efforts over the course of many years. We have been steadfastly committed to developing products that enrich the lives of infants and their environments, serving as an “extra hand to parents." Combi as a brand represents peace of mind and trust, and this we regard as our greatest asset.



As women entered the workplace in great numbers, child-rearing stepped out of the home and into the street. Combi has responded to this trend to create brand-new and comfortable environments for mothers and babies that protect them when they’re out. “Combi With Co., Ltd. was established for this purpose. As a member of the Combi Group, Combi With engages in four areas: On The Road, Protection, Travel, and Nanny Services. We use hardware and software to create new childcare environments centered on the concepts of “creating comfortable and trusted environments” and “creating environments that help society”, which enable parents and caretakers to use our products and services with peace of mind.

Child Wear Business

Combi mini

Our baby wear caters to infants aged 0 to 2 years.
In 2000, we launched our Combimini brand based on our concept of “creating clothes that make babies happy”. Currently the brand has over 200,000 members and counting, while its sales also shows smooth growth. In 2008, the first flagship store was opened in Daikanyama. Combimini’s products consistently offer the best materials, comfort, design and functionality. As we diversify into high-quality bedding, maternity wear and shoes, we will also continue expanding our store network to drive the apparel line.

Functional Foods Business